Production Technician
Camera Dude
Pro-Gamer Wanna Be

Mike was brought into solid signal as a novice techie.   Jerry passed down his Antenna and Satellite knowledge through the type of rigorous training that you would expect to see in a Kung-Fu movie.  Mike passed through the fire and emerged with omniscient knowledge of all things Signal.
Like a true signal samurai, Mike set forth on a quest for knowledge, consuming mass amounts of product information, and bringing understanding and solutions to customers in need.

You may recognize Mike from the Mr Signal video, which served as a pilot for Solid Signal TV.  Mike’s usual weekend is spent bingeing on sushi  and sake’ and spending the following day recovering  under a Street Fighter snugee , and battling 10 year-olds on XBOX Live.   As one of the creative forces behind Solid Signal TV, Mike continues to hone his skills and spread knowledge to the people.