Executive Produce
Self-Proclaimed Geek

Founder of Solid Signal TV, Jerry Chapman, resides in Metro Detroit with his wife and three sons.  Chapman’s interest in technology began at a young age, although this hobby proved detrimental to his adolescent social life, Jerry has overcome the days of sitting alone at lunch and taking his cousin to dances.   In fact, the tables have turned in such a way that it’s rumored, while performing his afternoon workout, Jerry has been referred to by such names as: Eye Candy, Handsome Pants and Cougar Bait.

Beyond the successes of his personal life Jerry’s passions have remained loyal to the world of electronics which originally thrilled and inspired him.  Solid Signal TV is Jerry’s gift to the world.  It’s his offering to the electronic Gods.  It’s his Convertor Box Swan Song to the Digital Revolution.

In disbelief of his own success Jerry can often be found seated at his desk, pocket mirror in hand, pinching himself ever so gently so as not to disrupt the beautiful dream which is in fact: his life.